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CourtCall has not used/shared and does not use/share user data in connection with AI training/development.  As a result, we do not have the convoluted “opt-in/opt out” policies of Zoom or others.  While there is more information and analysis on the internet – here is Zoom’s posted policy as of this week.  
Courts, law firms, insurance carriers, clients and others can and should revisit whether Zoom meets the privacy interests and concerns of the justice market.  Are you inadvertently and unintentionally putting your data and the data of others at risk?  CourtCall provides features that meet the remote/hybrid workflow needs of all in the justice market in ONE PLATFORM that is safe and secure.
Verizon has also 
announced that it is closing BlueJeans. This will likely create disruption for courts and attorneys using that service and CourtCall is here to help on an interim or ongoing basis.  Since 1995 we remain the only company dedicated to the audio and video conferencing needs of the legal community.    
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Verizon to Shutter BlueJeans 
and Zoom's AI Woes
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